Justice Leadership


I am the co-founder and executive board member of the Justice Leadership Foundation. I currently am looking for young talents that want to join the foundation as an intern: http://www.hiil.org/data/sitemanagement/media/Justice%20Leadership%20Internship.pdf

When you google leadership you will find half a billion hits, mostly on business leadership. Every year, dozens and dozens of books are published on the topic of leadership in business. Any business school has at least one course and professor on leadership. How many law schools do you know that have a course on justice leadership?

What do we know about the personal characteristics that help to get justice innovation done? When you have to cope with ancient, undisputed values, principles and traditions, many independent stakeholders, and when there is no clear CEO and power is part of your core business?

The Justice Leadership Foundation seeks to develop better understanding of the role of leadership and to support justice leaders in their daunting task.

Our foundation hosts a group of justice leaders who represent decades of success yielding experience, in different positions and roles, in building, improving and sustaining Rule of Law.

Current members of the Justice Leaders Group:

  • Salaheddin Al-Bashir (former Minister of Justice, Jordan)
  • Ernst Hirsch Ballin (former Minister of Justice, Netherlands)
  • Kalthoum Kannou (Judge Cour de Cassation, Tunisia)
  • Tharcisse Karugarama (former Minister of Justice, Rwanda)
  • Athaliah Molokomme (Attorney General, Botswana)
  • Willy Mutunga (Chief Justice, Kenya)
  • Claudia Paz y Paz (former Attorney General, Guatemala)
  • Song Sang-hyun (former president ICC, Republic of Korea)

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